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WorkBook :)

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Do i Owe you something? remind me! i forget ._.

:bulletblack: Lineart for 1088 75% - pink by AngelLale87 Sketching - purple by AngelLale87
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Layla15 Commission by UnicornComissions

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POINT COMMISSION2 by Queen-SouliaArt trade stamp - special by Queen-Soulia

Layla15 C:

Call me Layla or Meg!

i love chatting with new people and i'm always willing to help anyone out who has any questions! i love to draw and paint, especially anything of the equine genre, really anything with 4 legs, but horses are my favorite subject!
Stuff for Profile : Hearts_Center by Ennyri
im a photoshop 7.0 user (old school) and i can animate a little bit, but nothing too elaborate, i love to do stuff for people, such as doodles or little sketches, but please remember that i have a very busy schedule and i am tight on time, so anything that i offer for free i like to do in my spare time, and its not a guarantee that you will get gift art. so i apologize ahead of time for that.

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Stuff for Profile : Hearts_Center by Ennyri

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all the prices and examples that you need to know, for the things that i offer. (:

Points LURV by CheekyNana

:bulletorange: EQUINE Character Design:
- fully colored design (400 :points:)
- full backstory (200 :points:)
- characteristics & personality included (if desired)
yes, i'm more then willing to help with character design for Chevalin Wanderlust or any other RP group.
PACKAGE PRICE: 600 :points:

Little Hearts Divider (Yellow) by JEricaM

:bulletorange: 'My Style' Basic Equine Reference | Full Body
This includes:
- Full Body
- Full color
- Transparent Mini Background
PRICE 800 :points: ($10.00)

4297 CSS Smooth Criminal (updated) by Layla15

:bulletorange: 'My Style' Basic Equine Reference | Head Shot
This Includes:
- Bust of The head
- Full Color
-Colored Textured Background Or Transparent Background
PRICE: 400 :points: ($5.00)

C7| Luxurio| Piccolo by Layla15

Little Hearts Divider (Yellow) by JEricaM

:bulletorange: Custom Digital Painting:
- Full Body
- Full Color
- Full Background
PRICE: 2000 :points: ($25.00)
I Don't Dance by Layla15


oh- hai guys- im alive!

Wed Dec 3, 2014, 5:47 PM
(if you want to keep up with me or anything along the lines of a question my instagram and faceboook are mentined in the last paragraph)

i know i have been gone for such a long time!! i am sooooo sorry for that! i know most of you will probably bypass this journal but im going to try my best to at least get on once a week to communicate with all of you! i feel like i have let so many of you down by not updating with art or participating in any of the rp groups! i owe a few people some art and once i get a new computer i will have them inked out NICELY for you. 

now about the computer situation-
its broken, it is a dinosaur of a laptop and i have had it for i cant tell you how long, its practially the size of a telivison and my drawing tablet is pretty much ready to shit the bed as well. the pen is starting to lose it spark and the pad itself doesnt like to hook up to the computer anymore.  ive been saving money to get a new one, a nice desktop this time, because i feel like i dragged my laptop everywhere and it just added to it deciding to not work anymore. but unfortunaly i had to spend money on vehicle repairs and i have to keep up with board for my horse (400 dollars a month) which is not easy to keep up with when you have a crummy job as a clerk at a grocery store and you clean stalls for living and you only get paid once a month. .SO. with that being said it has put me farther behind in getting a new computer.

on the bright side tho, i have  a keyboard for my ipad now so i can role play a little bit easier and kind of treat it more like a computer. the time i have been gone i have LITRALLY done nothing but think of Valentine, Jack and my hopefully soon to be part of chevalin wanderlust character, Gwen. ive been doodling them and developing them so much, i just hope the group hasnt lost any interest with rpingor anything along those lines. im actually having a custom model horse made of Gwen sometime soonn here and i have pictures of my Valentine custom model horse i painted im waiting to upload as well. 

anyways, im on my way to check with some groups make sure they are still allowing me to RP seeing as how im such a horrible person for keeping up with that kind of stuff :faint: 

seriousy though, if any of you guys want to keep up with me or ask me any questions at all what so ever dont be afraid to find e on other sites, Insagram is actually really easy to get a hold of me seeing as how you have to have a smart phone yo can always DM on there if you have to, my account name is Meggzez_art i post most of my art stuff on there too if you ever want to see little things that i dont upload on here. AND you can friend me on facebook too if you want, (meg ernst) i have fb messenger which notifys me immidiatly if you ever have a question. im still around i just have no time to do anyting because im so busy and i have two jobs, i work literally every day but saturdays and it beats you up. 

Shadow of the Colossus © Team Ico & Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.
i have eyboard for my tablet now, so i can role play!!! hooray!!! but i still am without an official computer! :( if anyone from chevain-wanderlust or the wicked west woud like to rp just note me through DA 
guys- i lost my laptop :noes: if ya'll are wondering why im hardly ever on anymore. :(
To Layla From You
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Merry Christmas Layla, I really hope you like it <3
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May i use for the BP on howrse. Credit won't be visible during voting but will be visible when i'm doing it. These lines a beautiful…
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Happy birthday dear! Have fun on your special day! :heart: Sorry I couldn't have done more for such a talented artist, words are powerful, though!

*throws confetti*
partay - NaNoEmo - day 3 :cakerun: :cakerun: :cakerun: 
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thank you! :tighthug: (sorry fur a late response) ^^;
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